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Preparing the Probate Papers with Lodge Brothers Legal Help!

Life inevitably tends to get away from us, with busy family lives, balancing mental, emotional and physical well-being, care-taking responsibilities, logistics of time and energy and generally trying to squeeze it all in and doing the things that need doing being more of a focus for the average individual. List of things to do can often extend over to page 2 as we try to stay on top of our lives. Which is why our end-of-life plans tend to come at the end of the list… after all, this isn’t something that has to be dealt with now, right? Not necessarily and unfortunately for some, this time of life comes to us sooner than later and we are forced to take a long hard look at how we want to manage our end of life.

Helen MacDiarmid

Statistics show that roughly 1/3rd of people living in the UK die intestate resulting in extreme emotional and financial hardship being placed on families. Without a will in place, you risk negatively affecting those you love the most at a time when they are already suffering.  Your will is your last opportunity to tell your loved ones what your preferences are and to wde them when you are not physically here to do so. Having a will ensures that your last wishes are enforced and this can have a lasting impact on your family once you are gone. Not preparing a will may result in your estate being distributed to members of your family who may well not be your preferred inheritor.

The process of probate is the legal process which occurs when a person passes and is how your estate is legally assessed. Probate Guildford attorneys at Lodge Brothers offer probate services which assist individuals with preparing for their end of life. Contacting Probate Ashford attorneys empowers you to finalise all aspects of your life, the way in which you would choose allowing you to have your final choices carried out as you would have done if you were still able. Not planning for your estate via your will, you leave much to chance.

If you have not lived your life leaving all matters to chance, why let it be the case in your demise. No other individual truly knows your wishes and desires so when you pass away without a will, you effectively leave your estate to be governed by the laws of intestacy meaning that everything that you have accrued in your life is now governed by a set of rules enforced by the courts. These rules prioritise married or civil partners and close relatives inheriting your estate under the laws of intestacy which means that the courts may assign your possessions to someone who you had never intended them for.

Lodge Brothers legal attorneys specialise exclusively in Probate, Wills and Power of Attorney. Probate Feltham is the process which confirms who will handle a person's estate after their death and it is important to have as it is a legal requirement. Probate is a complicated system which is best handled by a competent probate attorney. Aspects of the probate Ashford process include, establishing the value of your assets and liabilities, finalising Inheritance Tax, applying for Probate Registry for the Grant of Probate or Grant of Letters of Administration. Lodge Brothers offer caring and practical legal advice efficiently and professionally to make your life easier during distressing times.


Easy processing of Lasting power of attorney


Your Legal Power of Attorney, referred to as an LPA, is a document which anyone over the age of 18, with full mental capacity, can have drawn up with the goal of appointing an attorney, or a legal firm, to act and speak on your behalf should you become incapacitated to do so yourself. As the initiator of the LPA the label given to you is “the donor” and this is an empowering tool which you can use to acquire the legal help you may need one day, for the purpose of helping you to preservice your rights, your needs and your preferences when it comes to your care.

Lodge Brothers Legal Attorneys is affiliated with Lodge Brothers Funeral Directors and as such there are 40 branches local branches which they have access to across Surrey, Berkshire and Middlesex. A Lasting Power of Attorney Woking can be set up regardless of whether you are currently in the UK and you do not need to be a British Citizen to have one drawn up, although the processes in Scotland and Northern Ireland do differ.

Typically, the Lasting Power of Attorney Guidlford covers 2 aspects which are relating to your health and welfare and secondly, relates to your financial affairs, including property however it is up to the individual as to whether they want to apply the LPA to just one, or both aspects of their lives.

When it comes to our personal care and safeguarding, it is not always possible for a person to represent themselves in old age or if they have been subject to an accident, incident or illness which renders them unable to represent themselves, be it mentally or physically (in terms of being able to communicate or articulate our wants and needs). Usually, when it comes to a Lasting Power of Attorney Feltham and personal care, the topics commonly covered include details pertaining to your daily personal care routine, administration of and details pertaining to medicine, wishes about care homes and life-sustaining treatments and options. It is important that even when a person is not able to represent themselves, that their wishes and beliefs are respected.

Financially speaking, when a person appoints an attorney, or attorneys, they will have instructions on how to manage all aspects of the donor’s affairs. This can alleviate the pressure on family members to make these decisions, including the payment of bills and accounts, collection of benefits or pensions and aspects relating to your physical assets and property. In the event that a person does not have a person to hand this duty over to, they will also elicit the expertise of a Lasting Power of attorney solicitor.

The process of completing the forms for your LPA will be facilitated by your attorney and the registration of your Lasting Power of Attorney should be completed as soon as the document is finalised as this can take up to 20 week to process at the Office of the Public Guardian.